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One-on-One Career Advising
We are experts at individual advising and coaching to help you achieve your career goals. We can work with you to develop a plan, make connections, write great resumes and cover letters, and negotiate your job offers. The small size of the Master of Public Policy program allows us to dedicate plenty of time to student advising.

Professional Development Workshop Series
During the fall semester, Career Services will sponsor a brown bag lunchtime seminar on Mondays. Each brownbag workshop will cover a specific topic that will help you get ready for applying and interviewing for internships in the spring semester.We have additional workshops throughout the school year, as well as site visits to local employers.

Alumni Connections
Our alumni love to help students. We will post a spreadsheet of alumni on our SanfordCareerLink system each year. You can contact any alumni in the directory. In addition, Career Services can suggest which alumni might be helpful.

If you are interested, we will also work with you to identify an alumni mentor. An alumni mentor can provide an ongoing connection to the “real world” of policy work in an area of interest to you.

We will also offer mock interviews, often with local alumni. Mock interviewers will provide written evaluations of your performance to help you improve your interview skills.

Job/Internship Database
We have a job and internship database at www.sanfordcareerlink.com We’ll show you how to create an account during orientation.

We put information into this database about specific job and internship opportunities we receive from employers and alumni. You can register at the web site to receive emails when a job is posted that meets your criteria.

You can also post your resume so that staff can send it to employers on your behalf. Employers who use Sanford Career Link will also have access to your resumes by class year, language skills, policy interests, and other criteria.

We also have evaluations of internships done by previous students. These are a great “insider” resource for anyone considering an internship, both for who to apply to and what to expect.

Throughout the year we will provide opportunities for you to meet with potential employers. We will email you to announce information sessions or determine your interest in particular positions. Nicole Kubinsky coordinates communications with employers who want to hire MPPs.

We also have a fax machine available for you to send information to potential employers. We give out long distance and international telephone cards for you to use in pursuit of internships and jobs. We can help you order business cards for you to distribute in networking settings.

Job Lists
Career Services also subscribe to several job lists, publications that contain classified job ads, and directories of people and offices to contact. The most current of these resources are located in the Career Services office or previous editions are in the Sanford Library.

We have prepared a series of handouts on topics including resumes, cover letters, networking, interviewing, and negotiating. All our handouts are available on SanfordCareerLink and you can get printed copies in the Office of Career Services.

Resource Books
Career Services has key print guides that will help in your search. Students can borrow these resources.

Washington, DC
For those of you who want internships in Washington, DC, we offer a seminar in DC at the end of winter break. We arrange two days of panels, seminars, and appointments with MPP alumni and other people who will give you insights about how to maneuver on beltway. The speakers will also bring information about internships in their organizations.

The Sanford School also hosts a summer reception on Capitol Hill each year. We invite all our interns, MPP alumni and other friends for networking and informal conversation.

NC Networking Opportunities
We also provide an opportunity for students to meet various intern sponsors from the Triangle Area. Most of you are new to North Carolina, which is an rapidly developing area, particularly in fields related to technology, children, education, poverty, environmental quality, and community development. Your policy interests may be best served by a local internship.

Internship Fund
The Internship Fund is a pool of money that is given out to students who take unpaid internships during the summer to help them pay their living expenses, allowing students to choose the internship that will best position them for a great career launch.

What We Don’t Do
The Career Services Staff can not find you a job or internship—that is up to you! Everyone gets an internship; don’t worry. We are here to support you and give you the tools needed to undertake a systematic and successful internship and career search.

The more you visit our office and take advantage of our events, assistance, and resources, the more likely you will be to find an internship or job that you want.

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