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In 2004, the PPS faculty voted to make the core courses a prerequisite for the internship. The purpose of this was substantive. We believe the core courses teach the skills and critical thinking necessary to gain the most from the internship experience. A student must complete all the core classes (PPS 155, 301, 302, 303 and Stats 101) to receive credit for an internship that counts toward the completion of a major in public policy.

The internship is not meant to be something that students check off on their way to graduation, but a culminating synthesis of course work and other PPS-related experiences. If students are able to do their internship between their sophomore and junior years with all of the prerequisites, that is fine, but most PPS majors will not be able to complete the internship on this schedule.

Finding an appropriate internship that will satisfy your requirements will take help from the Internship Office. To learn more, follow the links on your left starting with “Internships: A Step by Step Process."

How to Communicate with Your Internship Coordinator

Voicemail: Leave your number a second time after you say goodbye.

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  • To make an appointment go to Sanford Career Link.

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Class on the Sanford Building Lawn

Class on the Sanford Building Lawn